Car Buyers

Car Buyers

What Sets SellCar Apart From Others?

Looking to sell your car? Choosing the right car buyer in Switzerland can be an annoying and difficult task. You have to find a reliable car buyer that will also give you the best price for your car. This is where SellCar comes in!
Here at SellCar, we strive to be as trustworthy and efficient as we can be with our customers in order to give them the best selling experience possible, all while giving you a great deal for your car.

Here is what sets SellCar apart from others in Switzerland car market:

  1. Straightforward and Fast:

    Simply put in some details into our car valuation tool and receive an estimated price right away. From there, you can schedule an appointment to have your car inspected, sign some papers, and get your cash instantly. Trading your car for cash in Switzerland has never been easier!

  2. Remarkable Service:

    Finding car buyers in Switzerland can take up so much of your time and you don't need that!
    SellCar will gladly give you service that guarantees your satisfaction. Our customers can expect top-notch services and competitive price offers if they choose to sell their used cars to us in Switzerland.

  3. A Wealth of Industry Experience:

    We bring together over three decades of experience in the car buying industry making us the go to car buyers in Switzerland! 
    We are dedicated to delivering premium service and fair pricing to our valued customers and that is how we have contributed to the growth of our loyal customer base.

  4. We Buy Any Car:

    Are you looking to sell cars but are concerned about its condition? Rest assured, SellCar accepts all used cars, regardless of their condition.
    Unlike other car buyers, SellCar is always ready to make an offer even if your car has mechanical issues or is damaged in any way.

  5. Complimentary Inspections and Instant Cash:

    All car owners are welcome to take advantage of the services provided by SellCar. We provide our customers a thorough and complimentary inspection for every used car in under 30 minutes. After the inspection, we're able to give an instant cash offer.
    All you need to do is sign a few RTA papers and then choose whether to get your payment through instant cash for car or through online bank transfer to your account, and done! No worry, no stress!

  6. Satisfactory Offers:

    Tired of car buyers only looking out for their best interest and giving you poor deals? We are too!
    At SellCar, we are committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction above all else. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible price when purchasing from you. Above all else, we guarantee a smooth and effortless transaction, saving you time and offering a price that leaves you happy.

  7. Unparalleled Online Car Buying Experience:

    SellCar has developed a unique, handy, user-friendly valuation tool that simplifies the process of selling any used car in Switzerland with minimal effort.
    Upon arriving at our website, you will be greeted by our user-friendly valutaion tool. Our tool assists you in getting an estimated price for any previously owned vehicle in Switzerland in order to help you make an informed decision.
    SellCar looks to be an easy and accommodting car buyer to simplify your life.

  8. Devotion To Our Work:

    Our team is made up of professionals and experts who are truly passionate about what they do. We have a genuine passion for our clients, our workers, and of course, the cars! It is the driving force that keeps us committed to delivering the best car buying service and experience in Switzerland.

How to Sell Your Car in Switzerland with SellCar

We know what it's like seeking out potential car buyers in Switzerland. It can be an exhausting and frustrating process. You spend days at a time taking calls and meeting people who will appear to want to buy your car, asking you tons of questions and using up your time, and then leaving you with minimul results and no sold car.

This is where SellCar comes in. In the fast-paced car market of Switzerland, any time wasted could lead to a depreciation in the value of your car. Save your precious time and effort and start selling your car with us today!

Interested in selling your car to us? We'll show you how simple it is to sell a used car to SellCar in Switzerland:

  • Try out our free user-friendly car valutation tool which gives you an estimated initial price for any used car in Switzerland. It will ask you for some key information about your car to help us give you an accurate assessment for the car. This process is so easy it takes less than a minute!
  • Once you get the estimated price, you can book an appointment to get your complimentary car inspection by our team of experts in no time.
  • Once the experts are done with their inspection, our team will give you the finalized price for your car.
  • All you need to do is sign a few papers and choose whether you'd like to receive your money by cash or through online bank transfer!

Become part of our community of satisfied customers and join us for an unparalleled car selling experience in Switzerland with SellCar.