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Find out more about why Sellcar is the place sell your car to in Switzerland.

Who we are

About Our Company

Sellcar is commited to being one of the most proficient & hassle-free companies to sell your car in Switzerland.

Our company offers free online car valuations and complimentary car inspections at no cost to our valued customers. We are also happy to handle all the necessary paperwork and unwanted hassle of selling your car.

Whatever the make, model, year, or condition of your car, we want to buy it, offering you instant payment by cash or by online bank transfer!



We consistently keep up-to-date with the car market to help us ensure we offer the best and most honest prices and services to our valued customers.



To provide customers with an easy, stress-free experience to sell your car in Switzerland.




To be the top and most trusted car buying service in Switzerland.


Efficient and exceptional service while maintaining integrity and transparency in all our work.